Watch: Hamas outlines attacks on the IDF in 2014

The Al-Qassam Brigad published a documentary detailing the execution of a road-side ambush of IDF forces during Operation Protective Edge.

Dalit Halevi,

Hamas terror tunnel
Hamas terror tunnel
Flash 90

The Al-Qassam Brigade, Hamas' military wing, has published a documentary detailing the planning and execution of a road-side ambush of IDF forces in the Al-Zana eastern region of Khan Younis on July 7, 2014, during Operation Protective Edge.

In the video clip, titled "Deadly Ambush," claims that one of the Hamas fighters managed to set and explode a bomb next to an IDF bulldozer.

According to Hamas, Hamas fighters exploded three roadside bombs and shot 4 RPG bombs at the Israelis, damaging the bulldozer, two tanks, and an APC.

The fighters were able to close in on IDF positions thank to tunnels dug by Hamas. The terrorists were in the tunnels for days, where they received supplies and the necessary weapons, and where they escaped upon the completion of their mission.

Hamas continues to dig tunnels in the areas along the Gaza Strip as part of its "defense and security," some of which enter Israeli territory and are used for terror attacks.