Palestinian car thief arrested for fatal crash

Suspect drove a stolen car and ran a red light, crashing into car driven by Israeli youth, killing him.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Car after crash in Netanya
Car after crash in Netanya
Photo: MDA spokesperson

Police arrested a Palestinian Authority resident, 31, in the city of Taybeh last night (Wednesday) on suspicion of involvement in a hit-and-run fatal car crash in Netanya last Friday night.

The suspect was allegedly driving the car that ran a red light and hit another car at full speed in an intersection in Netanya. The car driven by the suspect had been stolen a short period of time before the crash.

Video evidence clearly shows the car running a red light before smashing into the other vehicle, and then leaving the scene. The police gave chase shortly afterwards.

The crash resulted in the death of Shalev Biton, 18, of Kfar Yona in the Sharon region.

The Palestinian suspect will be charged with manslaughter, endangering lives on the road, and grand theft auto. He will be brought in front of a judge in the Rishon Letziyon Magistrates Court this morning for the purpose of extending his arrest.