Two women and baby dead from car crash

Two young women and a baby were left dead after a collision between a truck and a private vehicle on Highway 4 last night.

Reut Hadar , | updated: 10:44 AM

Car crash (file)
Car crash (file)
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Two young women and a baby were left dead last night after a collision between a truck and a private vehicle on Highway 4 in northern Israel.

The victims have been identified as Angelik Naim, 32 years old, her daughter Kloe Naim, 2 years old, and her sister Olga Ashkar, aged 38. Their husbands remain in critical condition. All are residents of the Yaffo-Tel Aviv area.

Tzvika Weiss, a medic who treated the crash victims, described the scene: "We're talking about a difficult car accident. When we arrived at the scene we saw four injured people in a private vehicle. One of them...was in the backseat without signs of life.

"Despite efforts at resuscitation, the injuries were severe, and we were forced to pronounce her dead."

According to Weiss, the driver of the private vehicle, a man who appeared to be in his 50s, was trapped in his seat when medics arrived, suffering from injuries to his chest and limbs.

"We administered medical aid as we pulled him from the vehicle, then immediately evacuated him to the hospital along with a...woman who suffered injuries to her chest. The truck driver was also checked on the scene, and didn't need to be evacuated to the hospital.

The truck driver, a 62-year-old Kamal Diab of Haifa, has been taken in for questioning on suspicions that he violated a red-light signal. His arrest has been extended through noon on Friday.

The deadly attack follows several car-related deaths in the past several days. Yesterday morning an 80-year-old woman pedestrian was killed when a car hit her in central Jerusalem. Before that, a 15-year-old girl was killed by a car while riding her bicycle near the central Israeli town of Gan Yavne.

A funeral for the three victims will be held at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, at Yaffo Cemetery.