IDF arrests family of Rabbi Mark's murderers

IDF arrests brother and other family members of the terrorist that murdered Rabbi Michael Mark.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Site of Har Hevron shooting attack
Site of Har Hevron shooting attack
IDF Spokespersons Office

Last night, IDF forces entered the village of Dura, the village of origin of the terror ring that murdered Rabbi Michael Mark, near Hevron, arresting family members of one of the terrorists involved in the attack.

Soldiers arrested the brother and additional family members of Muhmad Pakia, who shot Rabbi Mark, as well as the brother and several uncles of Muhmad Amira, the driver of the terrorists' car during the shooting.

In total, the IDF arrested 10 facilitators of the attack, among them weapons suppliers.

Muhmad Pakia was shot a week ago by security forces during exchange of fire in an operation to secure his arrest.

Muhmad Amira was captured several days after the attack; his arrest was the first piece in the puzzle that led to the exposure of the entire terror ring.

Under questioning, the driver revealed information about the remaining members of the terror group that helped security forces to locate Muhmad Pakia in the village of Tsorif near Hevron.