Watch: Israelis, Americans embark on 'Ventures'

Arutz Sheva gets an inside look at "Ventures," where elite technology ex-soldiers meet US business students to bring their ideas to life.

Yoni Kempinski ,

Birthright Excel Ventures Program
Birthright Excel Ventures Program
Yoni Kempinski

"Excel Ventures," an extension of the specialized Birthright Israel Excel program, brought 10 American business students, and 10 Israeli ex-tech soldiers, together for a "start-up training boot camp" in the heart of Tel Aviv.

During this year's 10-week intensive program, participants worked in the heart of Tel Aviv on the development stages of their own start-up companies.

"Ventures" served as an accelerator for the young entrepreneurs as they went through all the stages of bringing an idea to life, putting a team together, and finding investors.

"Birthright Israel Excel introduces Israel as a start-up superpower", Gidi Mark, Birthright Israel CEO, praises the program.

"Israel is the land of leading entrepreneurs, and groundbreaking technological developments. It is important for us to show Israel's advanced and outstanding achievements."