Police refuse to serve in Jerusalem

Few new recruits for Jerusalem police, as veteran cops refuse to serve in capital.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

שוטרים במזרח ירושלים
שוטרים במזרח ירושלים
צילום: הדס פרוש, פלאש 90

With Jerusalem hardest hit by the recent wave of terror attacks, Israeli police launched a recruitment campaign, aimed at bolstering the overall size of Israel’s police force, and in particular, increasing the police presence in the capital, particularly in predominantly Arab neighborhoods in the eastern portion of the city.

But according to a recent report by Channel 10, the recruitment campaign has fallen far short of its goal.

While recruiters hoped to enlist an extra 1,200 officers, a mere 200 have joined the program.

The report also revealed that large numbers of police officers – both veterans and new recruits – have declared they are unwilling to work in Jerusalem.

Given the failure of the recruitment program thus far, police recruiters have begun offering a number of possible incentive packages and higher wages for officers to entice recruits to join, though such efforts have yet to yield greater recruitment levels.

In response to the report, the police released a public statement, saying: “A unique benefits package has been put together for police serving in the city [of Jerusalem] in order to encourage recruitment and retain existing [service members].”