'The system has lost its way'

Former Shas leader Eli Yishai gave a show of support to Elor Azaryia at a hearing on Tuesday. 'I fear the message this gives to soldiers'.

Eliran Aharon ,

אלי ישי בבית הדין
אלי ישי בבית הדין
צילום: מוטי קמחי

Former Shas chief and leader of the Yahad party Eli Yishai, arrived today (Tuesday) to a military court in Jaffa in order to show support for Elor Azariya, the soldier currently on trial for shooting a wounded terrorist.

Yishai expressed solidarity with the Azariya family, speaking with Elor's parents at the courtroom.

In s Facebook post yesterday, Yishai wrote, "I find it hard to ignore the soldier Elor Azariya's [recent] words on his feeling that the system has abandoned him. I fear the consequences of this situation, and the message that it will convey to soldiers in the field."

As Yishai was leaving the courtroom, he added "I understand the need to maintain 'purity of arms' and the values of the IDF, but it seems to me that, in this case, the system has lost its way."

"Even if there was an operational failure, you could finish the whole saga with a [simple] reprimand," said Yishai. "In the past there have been operational failures, and the IDF interrogated and reprimanded [accordingly], but the hullabaloo surrounding this incident has deviated from anything we have seen thus far."