Deadly machete attack in southern Germany

Syrian refugee kills one, injures two others in machete attack near Stuttgart, Germany.

Shai Landesman ,

German police at scene of Munich shooting spree
German police at scene of Munich shooting spree

A woman was killed and at least two injured in a machete attack near the German city of Stuttgart.

A man has been arrested in connection with the attack in the city of Reutlingen, just south of Stuttgart.

German police have confirmed that the stabber is a 21-year-old Syrian refugee who was known to the police, but they believe he was a "lone operator" and don't expect there to be any related or secondary attacks around the city. They say that the man "had a dispute" with the woman, killing her and then stabbing another woman and a man.

German authorities have yet to release his name, and state that his motives still remain unclear, though they did say that as far as the preliminary investigation is concerned, the stabbing did not bear the hallmarks of a terror attack.

The attack comes against the backdrop of heightened tensions in Europe generally, and in Germany particularly, following the ax attack on a train last week in which five people were injured, and the shooting in the Olympia shopping mall in Munich over the weekend, in which 9 people were murdered, and 35 wounded.

German newspaper Bild reports that the machete wielding man attacked outside of a kebab shop, with bystanders fleeing in panic after seeing the knife.

An eyewitness told the paper that the attacker was run over by a passing BMW, preventing him from continuing his stabbing rampage, after which he "lay prone on the ground and didn't move."