Jonathan Pollard appeals terms of release

In appeal to New York Federal Court, Jonathan Pollard petitions that some of the restrictions in the terms of his release be eased.

Shai Landesman ,

Jonathan Pollard
Jonathan Pollard

Jonathan Pollard is appealing a New York Federal Court to remove the limitations that were imposed on him upon his release from prison.

In a hearing yesterday (Friday), Pollard's attorney Elliot Lauer told the court that his client is prevented from finding work with an investment firm because the terms of his release include the requirement that his computer be monitored by US intelligence agencies.

Pollard is also required to wear a tracking bracelet so as to prevent him from divulging state secrets he may have been exposed to in his work for the US Navy 3 decades ago.

His lawyer claimed that this stipulation is preposterous as no one can remember details for that long and any information Pollard might have would be completely irrelevant after all this time anyway.

The Attorney for the prosecution read a statement by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to the effect that much of the documents Pollard was exposed to are still classified as "Secret" or "Top Secret".

The judge announced that she intends to make a ruling within four weeks, as reported by Kol Israel.