Indictment filed against suspected price taggers

Nazareth judge remands two Jewish youths suspected of torching Arab-owned cars in revenge for Tel Aviv terror attack.

Rachel Kaplan ,

קטינים במעצר
קטינים במעצר
ארכיון. פלאש 90

The Nazareth District Court has extended the arrest of two minors whom torched Arab cars in response to a terror attack in Tel Aviv which left 4 dead and many injured. The minors are set to be released on Tuesday.

Police requested that the minors' arrest be extended 5 days, though the judge agreed only to extend it 2 days.

After several days in difficult conditions in a Shabak facility, during which they were not allowed to meet with legal counsel, the judge also ordered that the teenagers be remanded to a normal prison. There, they will have the right to meet with their families, in accordance with their rights under the Youth Law.

Attorney Ron Shaham, a member of the Honenu organization, who is representing the boys, responded to the verdict: "The investigation into the two minors finished, and an indictment has been filed. This comes after a week wherein the two were detained under difficult conditions, and had their basic rights violated according the the Youth Law, as detainees, and as juveniles. As of now, we are working to assess the severity of the violations to their rights, and working toward their quick release from prison."