UK politician receives anti-Semitic death threats

British Labour MP gets string of threatening emails, including one that said she would 'get it like Jo Cox did'.

Tal Polon ,

MP Luciana Berger
MP Luciana Berger

British MP Luciana Berger has received a string of threatening emails, including one which said that she is going to "get it like Jo Cox did."

Berger, who is Jewish, also received mail showing a picture of a kitchen knife, and one warning her: "you better watch your back, Jewish scum," according to the Guardian.

This is not the first time Berger has been the subject of a barrage of anti-Semitic mails. At one point, she received 2,500 hate messages in three days with the hashtag "filthyjewbitch," according to the Guardian.

Other anti-Semitic messages she has received caricatured her nose and superimposed a yellow star of David on her forehead. One message told her that "remembering you're a Jew must be a horrid start to one's day."

Jo Cox was a British MP who was murdered last month by extreme right-wing British nationalist Thomas Mair.