Would-be terrorist stabber gets six months in jail

After threatening soldiers with a 19 cm knife, Asra Abad was sentenced this morning to six months imprisonment

Tal Polon ,

Knifeman (illustrative)
Knifeman (illustrative)

After coming up to soldiers in the central bus station of Afula, shouting "you are terrorists!" at them and threatening them with a 19 centimeter knife, Asra Abad of Nazareth was sentenced this morning (Tuesday) to only six months of imprisonment, Nana reported.

According to the court, the rather light sentence comes from the conclusion that Abad had suicidal tendencies, and was hoping that she would be shot to death. In the past she had also tried committing suicide; this time, she had apparently been spurred on to do so by a failed relationship.

The court expressed that Abad had only expressed formal trappings of remorse for her actions: "No sorrow or remorse was expressed, no words of regret, no acknowledgement of the seriousness of her actions." In addition, Abad apparently expressed anger that she had been shot in the legs when she had been neutralized since, in her words, she posed no real threat anyway.

In addition to six months imprisonment, Abad is subject to a conditional six months imprisonment over the course of two years, a penalty of 1,500 shekels or an additional 15 days imprisonment, and a probation order for a year, Nana reported.