46 year-old woman dies after c-section

After giving birth to a healthy baby, mother, who had undertaken fertility treatment and voluntary cesarean section, collapses suddenly.

Tal Polon ,

baby mom mother birth תינוק אמא אימא לידה הריון
baby mom mother birth תינוק אמא אימא לידה הריון
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A woman who gave birth last night in Hadassah hospital passed away this morning after having undergone a a cesarean section operation twelve hours before.

The 46-year-old woman had undergone fertility treatment, after which she opted to have a cesarean section birth. Hours later she complained of pains in her chest, and later collapsed; the medical team, despite its efforts, was unable to resuscitate her.

It is still unclear what the exact cause of death was; a full report of the incident from the hospital to the Ministry of Health is pending.

Following the incident, the hospital expressed sorrow over the incident: "Despite the best efforts at resuscitation which continued for about three hours, the woman has passed away. Haddassah Hospital expresses deep sorrow and feels the pain of the family."