Court rules: terrorists can see Euro final

The request from the family of fallen soldier that terrorists not be allowed to see Euro soccer final is rejected by the State

Tal Polon ,

Israel Supreme Court justices
Israel Supreme Court justices
Photo: Flash 90

The State handed the Israeli Supreme Court its reply to the request of fallen soldier Oron Shaul's family that terrorist prisoners be barred from the seeing the Euro 2016 soccer championship final this evening.

In response, it was stated that the request is to be rejected on grounds that the policy of the Israeli Prison Commission is to allow prisoners to see certain stations which don't incite.

"The fact that the game is on Channel 2 is not within the control of the Prison Commission," stated the reply, "for this reason one cannot distinguish between watching the game and watching anything else on Channel 2."

The response also stated that the State places great importance on freeing hostages and those missing in action, and indeed works on different levels towards this goal, including through State channels.

"We are dealing with something at the heart of State considerations, as such the consideration is very broad in these matters," the response said.