Victim's family pray at the site of his murder

In moving tribute, act of defiance, family of Michael Mark recite kaddish mourner's prayer at the site he was gunned down by terrorists.

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זירת הפגיעה
זירת הפגיעה
צילום: ערוץ 7

After moving eulogies at the yeshiva he helped establish in the Judean town of Otniel, the funeral procession for terror victim Michael Mark moved on along the Route 60 to the site of his murder.

Mark was shot dead in a drive-by shooting by Palestinian terrorists, in which his wife Chava was seriously wounded and two of their children were also injured.

Apart from their 15-year-old sister, who along with her mother is still hospitalized with gunshot wounds, Mark's nine other children stopped at the site of the attack to recite the kaddish prayer recited by mourners.