Trump slams Clinton with Star of David tweet

GOP nominee rips Clinton as 'Most corrupt candidate ever', uses Star of David superimposed over pile of cash; backtracks after outcry.

David Rosenberg ,

Trump tweet with Star of David
Trump tweet with Star of David
Twitter screenshot

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump yet again raised eyebrows with a post to his Twitter feed on Saturday, when a controversial image drew criticism from both Republicans and Democrats.

Trump’s Twitter account has landed the candidate in trouble more than once during this year’s election cycle, sparking a feud with Texas Senator Ted Cruz and drawing charges of misogyny when he posted unflattering pictures of the senator’s wife, Heidi.

On Saturday Trump’s Twitter Feed again drew criticism after he posted an image slamming the likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as “The most corrupt candidate ever!”, with the text of the message placed in a red six-pointed star reminiscent of the Star of David. The star was superimposed over a pile of cash alongside a picture of Mrs. Clinton.

Trump later retracted the tweet following a flood of negative responses, which highlighted the post’s use of what appeared to be a Jewish religious symbol. A second post replaced the six-pointed star with a red circle.

“’I have Jewish grandchildren’ is the new ‘Some of my best-friend are black’ defense to an offensive comment” GOP strategist Ana Navarro tweeted in response.

Clinton spokesman Josh Schwerin pondered aloud regarding the tweet, asking “Why is there a Star of David?”

Last month a left-leaning Jewish newspaper, the Jewish Daily Forward accused the GOP nominee of ignoring anti-Semitic incitement amongst some of his supporters in the fringe right or “alt-right”, and imposed a 24-hour ban on coverage of the candidate, dubbing it a “Trumpatorium”.

“Even if you don’t believe that the presumed Republican standard bearer has stoked this cyber-hate (which is a generous assumption), you have to admit that he appears to have done nothing to minimize or condemn it,” wrote Jane Eisner, editor of the Forward.

Jason Greenblatt, a Trump advisor and long-time confidant slammed the accusation, calling it a “flashy headline”.

“Mr. Trump has unequivocally rebuked all forms of hatred, including anti-Semitism.”

Trump's original tweet Twitter screenshot
Trump's later tweet Twitter screenshot