CEO confirms Channel 10 Chairman's racist rant

Golan Yochpaz says he was present when Rami Sadan attacked Shas party, made disparaging remarks about Mizrahim.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Rami Sadan
Rami Sadan

Channel 10's CEO has confirmed reports that the company's recently-appointed chairman told the board of directors that he hates the Sephardic haredi Shas party and its leader, Interior Minister Aryeh Deri, and made racist comments about Mizrahi Jews.

"After a firestorm that’s lasted for hours, it should be stated clearly: Rami Sadan told the members of the board and myself, ‘I hate Shas and Deri just like you in the elites,'" Golan Yochpaz stated in a tweet.

"He added: ‘We must get to Pirhia from Sderot.’ His comments were interrupted. Any other description is a distortion of the truth."

Pirhia was a name often given to Mizrahi girl in previous generations, and still common among many elderly Mizrahi women.

Sadan previous denied the claims, insisted he never made the remarks and suggesting they had been fabricated for political reasons by the left-wing Haaretz paper.

The confirmation by Yochpaz - the first person present at the meeting during which the remarks were allegedly made - will strengthen calls by Shas and Deri to fire Sadan immediately.

The Shas party has even threatened a coalition rebellion if he is not dismissed immediately.