Israel to demolish home of Dafna Meir's killer

Supreme Court approves demolition of terrorist's home, noting his family's support for terrorism.

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Dafna Meir
Dafna Meir
Photo: Courtesy of family

Israel's Supreme Court on Tuesday approved the demolition of the home of Murad Bader Abdullah Adais, who stabbed to death a Jewish mother in front of her children last January in the Judean community of Otniel.

Dafna Meir was repeatedly stabbed as she fought desperately to prevent the young Arab terrorist from entering her house and massacring three of her children who were home with her at the time.

Though the mother of six succeeded in heroically fighting him off, she herself was fatally wounded in the attack.

Her killer fled the scene, but was eventually captured by security forces.

Under interrogation, he claimed he had been inspired to carry out the attack by incitement broadcast on the Palestinian Authority's official TV channel.

In handing down its ruling Tuesday, the Supreme Court noted that it had been proven that the murderer's family actively supported his terrorist actions.

Israeli authorities have enacted a policy of demolishing the homes of terrorist murderers, as a means of deterrent, particularly in cases when their families knew of or supported their actions in advance.