MK denounces marriage - but calls for gay marriage

Merav Michaeli celebrates marriage ceremony of gay couple, feminizes traditional wedding blessing.

David Rosenberg ,

MK Merav Michaeli
MK Merav Michaeli
Miriam Alster/FLASH90

While some in the Zionist Union, like former Kibbutz Movement Secretary General Eitan Broshi, have sought to push the Labor faction towards the center in a bid to make the party competitive again, some leading Labor figures have refused to moderate their rhetoric, and appear intent on turning the party into a vehicle for radical social and political change.

On Friday, journalist-turned-MK Merav Michaeli, participated in a wedding ceremony for a single-sex couple, then used the event as a platform for denouncing traditional values.

Michaeli has long been a fierce opponent of the institution of marriage, and in the past has called for an “end to marriage”.

Despite her opinions on marriage in general, however, Michaeli not only praised the couple, she called for an expansion of the institution to include “anyone in the state of Israel” who wishes to wed.

“I had the pleasure and honor of joining Idan and Moshe together in matrimony,” wrote Michaeli.

“While I am opposed to marriage as an institution, nevertheless I am even more opposed to discrimination. So long as the state registers marriages I will fight for the right of every person to marry in our State of Israel. And yes, Idan and Moshe were both such handsome grooms, and it was such a touching [ceremony].”

Michaeli then blessed the newly-weds – but with a twist, altering the grammatical form from masculine to feminine, referring to God as “Queen of the universe” who “created groom and groom”.

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