Israeli mother and daughter die in Swiss crash

Israelis who drove into Switzerland from Milano tragically die in car crash during their European trip.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Crash in Switzerland
Crash in Switzerland

An Israeli mother and daughter were killed in a car crash in Switzerland late Tuesday while visiting the country.

The Foreign Ministry is working to bring their bodies back to Israel for burial.

In the evening hours on Tuesday the Foreign Ministry received a report of Israelis being involved in a car accident in Switzerland on the A2 motorway.

"A mother and her daughter went out from Milano and crossed the border in a rented car to Switzerland," reported the Ministry.

The crash took place in Quinto, a small town near Airolo in Switzerland's southern Italian section.

The Israeli consul in Switzerland, which identified the bodies, is working together with the Foreign Ministry to bring the bodies home.

The family of the women was notified of their deaths overnight.