After tunnel discovery: Mortar fire on IDF troops

Terrorists fire mortar shells at IDF force near the border with Gaza, hours after latest terror tunnel discovery.

Ari Soffer ,

IDF digger exposes Gaza terror tunnel
IDF digger exposes Gaza terror tunnel
IDF Spokespersons Division

Terrorists inside Gaza fired mortar shells at IDF forces on the Israeli side of the border, hours after the discovery of a Hamas terror tunnel into Israeli sovereign territory.

At least two mortar shells struck close to IDF soldiers, but no injuries were reported.

It follows a string of mortar attacks by Hamas terrorists against Israeli soldiers working to unearth a 30 meter-deep attack tunnel from southern Gaza on Wednesday.

Those attempts to stymie IDF engineers failed, however, and early Thursday afternoon it was announced that they had exposed the second terror tunnel from Gaza into Israel in a matter of weeks.

The IDF has said it will continue to work to locate more terror tunnels dug by Hamas in the area since 2014's Operation Protective Edge, using cutting-edge tunnel-detecting equipment.