Gaza escalation
Gaza terrorists fire 3rd mortar at IDF troops

For third time Wednesday, terrorists attack IDF forces stationed along Gaza border; fourth such attack in two days.

Ari Soffer , | updated: 3:13 PM

Terrorists fire mortar shells (illustration)
Terrorists fire mortar shells (illustration)
Flash 90

Terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired a two mortar shells at IDF engineers operating on the Israeli side of the border Wednesday, as tensions in the south continue to rise.

The mortar strikes - which came hours after a similar attack this morning - bring the total number of similar breaches of the ceasefire by Gazan terrorists in two days to four. IDF forces returned fire at a Hamas military post in response to the second attack.

No soldiers were injured in the first attack on Wednesday, which IDF forces responded to with tank fire.

Early Tuesday evening, terrorists opened fire on IDF forces just hours after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu made an impromptu visit to troops stationed at the border with Hamas-ruled Gaza.

It is not yet known which of the many terrorist factions operating in Gaza is responsible for the latest attacks. Previous attacks have either been claimed by or attributed to jihadist terror cells linked to ISIS, or Hamas's chief Islamist rivals Islamic Jihad, as part of efforts to challenge Hamas's rule and provoke another round of fighting with Israel.