Netanyahu, Putin to meet over Iran, Syria issues

Meeting follows Iran receiving first parts of S-300 missile system.

Tova Dvorin ,

Binyamin Netanyahu, Vladimir Putin
Binyamin Netanyahu, Vladimir Putin

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will depart for Moscow Wednesday morning, for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

The two will discuss further coordination between the Russian army and the IDF to prevent clashes between them in Syria, as well as Russia's sale of the S-300 missile system to Iran and the transfer of arms to Hezbollah. 

Prime Minister will be accompanied by Minister Ze'ev Elkin, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) commander, the deputy head of the National Security Council (NSC), the military secretary and bureau chief, Channel 2 reports. Netanyahu will return to Israel in the evening.

The meeting follows a meeting between Putin and Qassem Soleimani, commander of Iran's Quds Force special ops unit responsible for managing terror missions worldwide, against UN sanctions - as well as the early stages of Iran receiving the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system. 

Meanwhile, the fighting in Syria has frequently affected Israel, with "spillover" mortar fire onto the Golan Heights becoming a common occurrence.

Israel and Russia have a joint mechanism to coordinate military operations in Syria, and in particular concerning the use of Syrian airspace.