Hamas: IDF tunnel find 'a drop in the ocean'

Terror group gloats Israel 'too afraid' to release too many details of the discovery; reports say Hamas official turned himself in to IDF.

Tova Dvorin ,

Hamas terror tunnel (illustration)
Hamas terror tunnel (illustration)
Flash 90

Hamas has released an official response to the IDF uncovering a terror tunnel Monday, saying that Israel "was afraid to release all the details," Channel 2 reports. 

"The enemy did not dare to publish all the details and information of the tunnel that it revealed," Hamas gloated. "What the enemy announced is a only drop in the ocean of what Hamas is prepared to [do to] protect the Palestinian people and liberate the holy places, the land and the [terrorist] prisoners."

At least one Palestinian media news outlet also reports that senior Hamas official Mahmoud Jasser Awad Al A-Tauna, 28, has turned himself in to IDF under "surprising circumstances" - but did not elaborate. 

Earlier Monday, it was cleared for publication that the IDF recently discovered a terror tunnel from Gaza into southern Israel, marking the first such discovery since 2014's Operation Protective Edge.

The tunnel was a particularly large and complex one; its route stretched along the eastern sector of the Gaza Strip all the way to southern Gaza, and crossed onto the Israeli side. At some points it reached as much as 30 meters in depth.