Hevron soldier's remand extended by another week

Soldier on trial for killing a wounded terrorist will remain under 'open arrest' at IDF base for an extra week as judges consider verdict.

Ari Soffer,

Soldier who shot wounded terrorist
Soldier who shot wounded terrorist
Corinna Kern/Flash 90

The Kfir Brigade soldier currently on trial for shooting dead a wounded terrorist in Hevron has had his remand extended for an additional week, as judges continue to weigh his case.

The soldier, whose identity is still the subject of a gag order, will continue to be held under "open arrest" at the IDF's Kirya military base in Tel Aviv - a form of house arrest.

It comes after the court rejected a petition from the prosecution to return the soldier to full terms of arrest in a military jail.

In explaining his decision, military judge Brigadier General Doron Peilis said the soldier's claim that he only fired at the terrorist due to fears he was attempting to set off an explosive device are certainly feasible - if as yet unproven.

The prosecution claims the soldier is lying, and contends he fired at the terrorist without any cause.

He is currently facing charges of manslaughter over the killing.