Watch: Israeli judoka seizes gold medal glory

Or Sasson shines in Judo Grand Prix, toppling one opponent after another on his road to the gold.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

הביא מדליה. אורי ששון
הביא מדליה. אורי ששון
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Israeli judoka Or Sasson brought pride to the nation on Sunday as he won a gold medal at the Judo Grand Prix, held in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi.

Sasson's victory in the over 100 kilogram division can be seen in the following coverage from the final block of day three of the competition. His last bout is at 1:49:45 in the video.

Before reaching his medal, Sasson went through a serious of difficult matches, which began with his victory over Christopher Sherrington of the UK. In the quarterfinal he defeated Rafael Silva of Brazil, who went on to take the bronze medal.

Sasson shined in the semi-final, where he scored an ippon take-down in just 22 seconds against Andrey Volkov of Russia, sealing his chances for a medal. But he had to fight to win the gold in a last bout with Roy Meyer, a judoka from Holland.

Against Meyer, who is ranked sixth in the world, Sasson made a final push and solidified his gold medal. 

Sasson's gold marks the second Israeli medal in the competition, after Gili Cohen managed to grab a silver medal in her own weight class.