Shots fired at Amsterdam's central station

Dutch police say warning shots were fired in air while arresting a suspect, just hours after Brussels assault.

Ari Yashar ,


Shots were fired adjacent to Amsterdam's central station on late Tuesday, in a further sign of growing tensions in the European continent.

Local reports had indicated a drive-by shooting was conducted and police set off in hot pursuit after the car, before arresting the shooter. However, those reports have yet to be confirmed.

However, Dutch police were quoted by Reuters as saying the shots were warning shots which were fired while arresting a suspect. Police added that no one was wounded in the incident.

An official police tweet indicated that three suspects were arrested, and that the shots were indeed fired by police as a warning. A police spokesperson declined to provide more details to Reuters.

Circumstances of the incident are being checked, and it remains unclear if it was terror related. Details likely will become clearer as the arrested suspects are investigated.

The incident in the capital of the Netherlands comes just hours after Brussels was attacked by Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists on Tuesday morning, in bombings targeting the city's airport and metro system in which 34 people were murdered and nearly 200 were wounded.

Belgian security forces continue to hunt a third terrorist suspected of taking part in the twin bombings at the airport. Apparently his explosive failed to detonate, and he remains at large.

He was caught on security cameras with the other two suicide bombers, and then was filmed running from the site after the explosions.

Police likewise are checking whether a terrorist who took part in the bombing of the Maalbeek metro station fled the scene.

On Tuesday evening Belgian police found a nail bomb and an ISIS flag while conducting a raid on an apartment in Schaarbeek, a northern suburb of Brussels, as part of their search for terrorists involved in the attack in the city earlier in the day.

AFP reports that authorities say it is still "too early" to draw connections between today's attack and the ISIS attack in Paris last November, in which 130 people were murdered in six coordinated attacks.