Clinton tackles Trump in 'victory speech

Following victories in three states, Clinton challenges Trump over comments on immigrants and Muslims.

Ben Ariel ,

Clinton at victory rally in Florida
Clinton at victory rally in Florida

With the growing possibility that she will face Donald Trump in the presidential race, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton directly targeted the billionaire in her victory speech on “Super Tuesday 3”.

Clinton won the primaries in Florida, Ohio and North Carolina, while Trump won in Florida, defeating Senator Marco Rubio who dropped out of the race shortly afterwards.

"This is another super Tuesday for our campaign," she said during a victory rally in Florida, according to The Hill.

"Although we are waiting for the results in Illinois and Missouri, we will add to our delegate lead roughly 300 with over 2 million more votes nationwide."

The former first lady and Secretary of State briefly acknowledged Democratic rival Bernie Sanders, congratulating him for the "vigorous campaign he's waging."

She then appeared to focus on the general election and directly attacked Trump, focusing on his controversial statements that Muslims should be temporarily not allowed to enter the U.S. due to security concerns.

"When we hear a candidate for president call for rounding up 12 million immigrants, banning all Muslims from entering the United States — when he embraces torture, that doesn't make him strong, it makes him wrong," Clinton charged.

"If we win in November, I know our future will be brighter tomorrow than yesterday," she added.

She called for people to treat each other with “respect, kindness and love instead of bluster and bigotry," and added, "If we lift each other up instead of tearing each other down, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish together."