Three police shot in Brussels counter-terror raid

In raid tracking ISIS Paris attack suspects, 3 officers wounded by 'heavy weapons' fire, one seriously. Massive manhunt underway.

Ari Yashar ,

Belgian soldiers and armed police patrol central Brussels
Belgian soldiers and armed police patrol central Brussels

A massive manhunt is currently taking place in Brussels, Belgium, after three police officers were shot and wounded while conducting a counter-terror raid.

The raid was conducted as part of investigations tracking down suspects in the Islamic State (ISIS) attacks in Paris last November, in which 130 people were murdered.

Police are tracking at least two gunmen after three officers were reportedly wounded, one seriously, during a raid on a house in the southern Brussels suburb of Forest, reports The Guardian.

The suspects escaped over the rooftops, and currently roads have been blocked off and a police helicopter is flying over the area to aid in the hunt.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said French police also took part in the raid together with Belgian officers.

"It was in the context of a raid. A team made up of Belgian and French police officers intervened and came under fire – shots from heavy weapons," he said at a news conference held in Ivory Coast.