Stabbing attack foiled at Tapuach Junction

Border Police arrest teenage Arab girl armed with butcher's knife, after receiving intelligence of impending attack.

Arutz Sheva Staff , | updated: 11:18 AM

Border Police and soldiers at Tapuach Junction (file)
Border Police and soldiers at Tapuach Junction (file)
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Border Police at Tapuach Junction in Samaria arrested a 17-year-old Arab youth who was planning to conduct a stabbing attack late Tuesday morning.

Officers were conducting strict inspections at the junction, which is a major traffic artery that has often been targeted by terrorists, due to intelligence they received of an Arab teenage girl who had left her home with the intention of carrying out a terror attack.

The terrorist, a resident of the Jenin area, was arrested when officers positively identified her as the suspect in question.

Upon inspecting her person officers discovered a large butcher's knife, which she apparently intended to use in her attack.

The local Border Police commander hailed his officers' professional actions, which prevented a potentially deadly attack.

"Upon receiving the intelligence an increased state of alert was enacted at the checkpoint, as we carried out thorough inspections of people coming and going.

"In this case I am happy that the alertness and experience of the officers appears to have prevented an attack today."