Rubio wins DC caucus

Rubio edges out Kasich to win Washington DC caucus, pushing Trump to distant third.

David Rosenberg ,

Rubio speaks to Jews in West Palm Beach, Florida
Rubio speaks to Jews in West Palm Beach, Florida

Florida Senator Marco Rubio won Saturday evening’s Washington DC Republican caucus, narrowly beating Ohio Governor John Kasich.

With the vote count complete, Rubio leads Kasich 37.3% to 35.5%. New York real estate mogul Donald Trump came in a distant third with 13.8%, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz placed fourth with only 12.4%.

Saturday’s win provided Rubio and Kasich with some much-needed delegates, with 10 of the district’s 19 delegates going to Rubio, and the other 9 being awarded to Kasich. Trump and Cruz failed to win any delegates in the nation’s capital.

Wyoming also held a caucus on Saturday, the second of three stages in the state’s long primary season. On March 1st, Republican voters chose representatives for county and state conventions where actual delegates for the Republican National Convention are chosen.

On Saturday those representatives gathered for county conventions, picking 12 of the state’s 29 delegates.

Cruz, who dominated the night with 66.3% of the vote, earned 9 of the 12 delegates.

Rubio, who won 19.5% of the vote, picked up 1 delegate. Trump again finished third, with 7.2%, winning a single delegate, while Kasich failed to win a single vote.