Khamenei rules out ties with 'Zionist regime'

Iran's Supreme Leader says Iran isn't hostile towards the West but will not have ties with the United States or Israel.

Ben Ariel ,

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is at it again, having on Thursday ruled out his country having ties with the United States or “the Zionist regime” - that is, Israel.

Speaking to lawmakers in Tehran and quoted by the Iranian Mehr news agency, Khamenei said that Iran has no intentions of being hostile towards the West, but there are two countries with which it will not have relations: The United States and Israel.

"The Islamic Republic had no intention of hostility towards West; in this country an independent structure was formed and it was the West who first showed enmity toward us. We have suffered damages from the West and should not forget what the West did to us. I do not favor cutting ties with the West, but we must know who we are dealing with,” he said, according to the news agency.

Khamenei then stressed, “We must have relations with the whole world except the United States and the Zionist regime; we must know that the world is not only the West and Europe. Today, powers are spread in the world and east of world and Asia is a vast region.”

He also claimed, citing “accurate info” that “the United States and the Arrogance front have [a] serious plot to infiltrate, but it will not be a coup; because they know that it is impossible to conduct a coup in the Islamic Republic.”

The Supreme Leader is notorious for his endless verbal attacks against both Israel and the United States.

Last month, Khamenei claimed that the “global Zionism network” dictates the United States’ and many EU members' policies vis-a-vis Iran.

The comments came one week after Khamenei blasted the United States for their support of “child killing” Israel.

He has in the past referred to Israel as a “cancerous tumor” and alsopredicted several months ago that the Jewish state will not exist in 25 years.