Stabbing attempt in western Samaria

Arab terrorist launches stabbing attempt on soldier near the Azuya Bridge, gets shot dead.

Ari Yashar ,

Flash 90

An Arab terrorist attempted a stabbing attack on Wednesday not far from the Azuya Bridge on Highway 5 in western Samaria, but was shot dead before being able to inflict wounds.

The terrorist tried to stab a soldier before being eliminated.

According to the IDF, the attack took place at an army check post near the Arab village of Al-Zawiya. The site is around 15 kilometers west of Ariel, not far from Elkana.

The attack comes after a two-pronged attack by two armed Arab terrorists driving in a car in Jerusalem, which took place just a short time earlier.

The terrorists first shot at an Egged bus at Ramot Junction near the northwestern Ramot neighborhood of Jerusalem, before a civilian shot back at them and caused them to flee.

They drove from there to Hatzanchanim Street that runs parallel to the northern side of the Old City, and not far from the Damascus Gate they began firing on cars from their vehicle before being shot and neutralized by security forces. One of the terrorists died.

Ironically a 50-year-old Arab resident of eastern Jerusalem was unintentionally shot and seriously wounded by the terrorists after they began opening fire on Hatzanchanim Street. He was rushed to Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital for treatment.