Second attempted stabbing attack this morning

Military police at Qalandiya catch Arab woman trying to smuggle knife. She admits to planning stabbing attack against Jews.

Kobi Finkler ,

Knife in the terrorist's bag
Knife in the terrorist's bag
IDF spokesman

Military police at the Qalandiya checkpoint arrested a Palestinian woman who intended to carry out a terror attack against Israelis.

She tried to smuggle a knife in her bag, but it was picked up by the X-ray machine. Under questioning, she admitted that she wanted to attack Jews.

Earlier this morning, another Arab woman was prevented from stabbing police officers in Jerusalem's Old City. In that instance, she was already approaching the officers with the knife in hand when they shot and killed her. No one else was harmed.

The Jerusalem district commander for the police said, "The quick and professional response by officers certainly prevented an attack on security forces and innocent civilians. The officers in Jerusalem are trained and have the skills to neutralize the threat, and we are continuing our increased measures to protect public safety."

Yesterday afternoon (Monday), a third terrorist was stopped at a checkpoint by Abu Dis. She raised suspicion as she approached the security guards. They called for her to stop and toss aside her bag, which was found to contain a large knife. She admitted to her intentions to stab the guards.