Watch: Rhino escapes Israeli safari

Footage shows 8-year-old Tibor strolling out of open gate, leading to panic - but not to fear, he has been escorted back to the safari.

Kobi Finkler ,

Rhino (illustration)
Rhino (illustration)
Flash 90

Ramat Gan Safari temporarily went into emergency mode on Sunday, after Tibor the eight-year-old rhino found an open gate and made his way to freedom. Those living in the region need not fear though - just minutes after his great escape, Tibor was escorted back to the safari.

Tibor was caught on security cameras as he nonchalantly strolled out of a gate that was left open, and then confused by his new environment. He was seen running towards the exit gate of the safari.

Guards at the site who saw him making his escape contacted the on-call manager, who at the time was helping to bring the lions into their night-time home.

Together with the lion caregiver, the manager succeeded in getting Tibor back into the safari.