PA kids TV program: Destroy the Zionist's soul

Children's program on official Palestinian Authority channel praises vengeance, calls on children to "destroy the Zionist's soul".

David Rosenberg ,


In just the latest example of officially-sanctioned incitement in the Palestinian Authority, a children’s show on PA TV encourages even the youngest viewers to seek vengeance and bloodshed.

During a February episode of the show “Children’s Talk,” the host praises a young Arab girl for her recital of a poem calling for “vengeance and liberation”, according to a report by Palestinian Media Watch.

Entitled “I am a Palestinian”, the poem exhorts listeners to “smash the oppressor” and “destroy the Zionist’s soul”.

The show, an officially sanctioned PA program on state TV, often features militaristic propaganda and anti-Israel incitement.

Despite international insistence that the Palestinian Authority is a moderate body and interested in longer-term peace, a recently released Clinton e-mail reveals the US State Department has been aware of the phenomenon of PA incitement against Israelis, and the attempts by the PA leadership to blame incitement on “local leaders”.