Trump and Clinton the big winners of Super Tuesday

Billionaire and former Secretary of State projected to win the most states in Super Tuesday vote.

Arutz Sheva Staff , | updated: 6:23 AM

Donald Trump in Super Tuesday victory speech
Donald Trump in Super Tuesday victory speech

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump are emerging as the big winners in Super Tuesday voting.

Trump so far has been projected as the winner of Republican contests in Arkansas, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Massachusetts, Vermont and Tennessee, while Clinton scored wins in Texas, Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Massachusetts and Virginia, according to The Hill.

Those wins solidified the sense that Trump and Clinton are their party’s front-runners, though early state returns provided some measure of optimism for their rivals as well.

While Clinton and Trump emerged as the clear winners of Super Tuesday, neither candidate was able to run the table, the website noted.

Bernie Sanders won his home state of Vermont in a landslide, and was also projected as the winner of Oklahoma.

Caucuses are underway in Colorado and Minnesota, and the Sanders campaign believes he can do well in both of those states as well.

Meanwhile, the four Republicans challenging Trump — Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and former neurosurgeon Ben Carson — were competing with the GOP front-runner in different states.

Of the four, Cruz had the best night by far, scoring a big victory in his home state of Texas and a second win in Oklahoma. Marco Rubio has won only one state, Minnesota.

Kasich was locked in a close race with Trump in Vermont, while Rubio kept close in Virginia, according to The Hill.

Trump entered Tuesday with more than four times the delegates of either Rubio or Cruz, and his lead is certain to grow after all the Super Tuesday results are tabulated.

Meanwhile, in comments from Miami after her big night, Clinton appeared to be eyeing the general election, where she may face Trump.

“It’s clear tonight that the stakes in this election have never been higher and the rhetoric we are hearing on the other side has never been lower,” she said, according to The Hill. “Trying to divide America between us and them is wrong and we are not going to let it work.”

Trump, also speaking in Florida, declared himself a "unifier" and urged Republicans to get behind his candidacy.

“Our party is expanding and all you have to do is take a look at the primary states where I’ve won,” Trump said. “We’ve gone from one number to a much larger number. That hasn’t happened to the Republican Party in many, many decades. So I think we’re going to be more inclusive, more unified and a much bigger party and I think we’re going to win in November.”

He also took shots at Rubio and called on him to drop out of the 2016 presidential race.

“I think he has to get out,” Trump told Fox News in a phone interview. “You know, he hasn’t won anything, and Ted Cruz very rightly points out, you know, Marco has not won.”