Shocker: Leftists help Arabs steal Jewish land

Ad Kan releases another hidden camera video, showing how Ta'ayush conspires with Arabs to grab land.

Gil Ronen ,

Ezra Nawi under arrest
Ezra Nawi under arrest
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Leftists from the NGO Ta'ayush, which operates in close cooperation with Rabbis for Human Rights, regularly prod and instruct Arabs on how to steal Jewish land, a new exposé revealed Wednesday.

The video, available only in Hebrew at the moment, is the latest in a series of exposés by nationalist group Ad Kan, which infiltrated leftist groups over a three-year period and which – since mid-January – has been releasing videos based on hidden camera footage it obtained during that time.

It shows a sophisticated method for preventing the state from reclaiming land that was allocated, in the past, to some of the Arabs in Judea and Samaria for cultivation purposes only. The land does not belong to these Arabs, and reverts to full state ownership if they fail to cultivate the land for several years. Ta'ayush seeks to transfer these plots to full Arab ownership.

Prof. Amiel Vardi, Head of the Classical Studies Department in Hebrew University and one of the heads of Ta'ayush, explained on hidden camera how the system works.

At first, he says, Ta'ayush's activists find the plots of land that they wish to "work" on. They then consult the legal department of Rabbis for Human Rights, which tells them what legal documents they need to obtain in order to claim the land.

The extreme leftists then persuade and pressure Arabs to file lawsuits in order to receive ownership of the land. In some cases, the Arab insists that he has already sold the land. Ta'ayush's Ezra Nawi is seen telling one to "forget the word sale."

"If you sold it, nobody knows," he says.

If the land can easily be proven to be state land that was never cultivated, the next option for reclaiming it is to say that the reason the Arabs did not cultivate it is that the IDF prevented them from having access to the land.

The video shows that Ta'ayush achieves this by holding provocations on the land. When the IDF moves in to push them out, they capture the event on video and use it to "prove" that the IDF prevented access to the land.