End of Syrian civil war? Assad accepts ceasefire

Syrian agrees to ceasefire agreement which excludes ISIS. Is this the end of the civil war, or just the eye of the storm?

David Rosenberg ,

Site of airstrike in Syria
Site of airstrike in Syria

The Syrian Foreign Ministry has signaled on Tuesday its government’s acceptance of the ceasefire declared by the United States and Russia on Monday night.

According to a Foreign Minister statement seen by AFP, Syria will participate in the ceasefire recently negotiated by Russia and the United States in an effort to halt the humanitarian crisis plaguing the war-torn country.

The ceasefire, which is scheduled to go into effect on Saturday, would cover only parties to the agreement, including the Syrian government and some rebel groups.

Other key players, including terrorist groups like ISIS and the al-Nusra Front will remain fair game for Syria, Russia, and the United States.

While the US and Russia are hopeful the ceasefire will mark the beginning of the end of nearly five years of devastating civil war, others are skeptical.

Some analysts say that given the facts on the ground -- in particular the complex make-up of rebel forces and frequently shifting frontlines -- the ceasefire may already be doomed to fail.

AFP contributed to this report