Jeb Bush suspends presidential campaign

Jeb Bush steps down following disappointing finish in the South Carolina primary.

Ben Ariel ,

Jeb Bush
Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush on Saturday announced that he is suspending his presidential campaign following a disappointing finish in the South Carolina primary.

"The people of Iowa and New Hampshire and South Carolina have spoken, and I really respect their decision," Bush said, according to ABC News. "So I am suspending my campaign."

The decision comes after Bush’s brother, former President George W. Bush, made his first public campaign appearance for his brother in South Carolina on Monday.

"I congratulate my competitors that are remaining on the island, on their success for a race that has been hard-fought," Jeb Bush said in brief but emotional remarks Saturday night.

"Just as the contest for the presidency should be, because it is a tough job," he added.

"I've had an incredible life," Bush added, "and for me, public service has been the highlight of that life."

Bush had trouble gaining momentum and was finding it hard to fire up crowds, as evidenced by his awkward moment during a campaign event in New Hampshire, when he had to ask the audience to clap after he failed to rile them up.