Israeli TV show 'desecrates' synagogue

Chief Rabbinate fumes over 'desecration' of synagogue and Torah scroll portrayed on popular Israeli TV show Eretz Nehederet.

Hezki Baruch ,

Eretz Nehederet picture in a synagogue
Eretz Nehederet picture in a synagogue
Pinny Siluk

The Chief Rabbinate of Israel issued a statement this morning condemning the satirical television show "Eretz Nehederet" (Our Wonderful Land) for filming in a synagogue and utilizing a Torah scroll in one of their upcoming episodes.

Israeli media outlets released images of the crew as well as actors filming scenes for the left-wing satirical show utilizing the Torah scroll for "entertainment purposes". 

The statement read: "The Chief Rabbis of Israel as well as the Minister for Religious Affairs, condemn the use of Torah scrolls and the use of a synagogue for entertainment of the satirical show. A synagogue is a place of worship, and the Torah scrolls are the holiest objects in Judaism." The Chief Rabbis added, "Jews, throughout all of history, gave their lives to protect the the sanctity and holiness of these scrolls."

"Israeli citizens who congregate in synagogues and use them for places of prayer and study, feel a great attachment and reverence to all synagogues and Torah scrolls. The cheap use of such holy items and places crosses all red lines and is appalling and shocking and scornful in the heart of every Jew whomever they are.     

The Chief Rabbinate addresses the secular audience of the show as well with an expectation that they will uphold a certain level of decency when it comes to the nature of their programming. "We look to others, even if they do not pray in a synagogue, to respect the public and its sensitivities."