Why Arabs have no right to this land

Arab claims to our land are fabricated, falsified, fallacious and frivolous.

Walter Bingham ,

Map of Israel
Map of Israel
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In this special two hour program Walter explores in great depth the background to the dispute between the Arabs and Israel. 

You will hear part of a debate between proponents defending both sides on the basis of International and Israeli law and a segment about the attitude of the European Union.

Walter will give his own considered analysis and explanation why Arab claims to this land are fabricated, falsified, fallacious and frivolous. And he is taking a closer look at our claim to this land and the history on which that is based.

You will however also hear an opposing view.

If you want to understand the real background of all that, then you can do no better than to listen to all of this enlightening and informative program that will equip you to quote the facts in any discussion or debate.

Also: Hear the leader of the Zionist Union and Labor parties giving his plan to solve the Arab-Israeli territorial conflict.

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MK Yitzhak Herzog                                               Photo by Max Richardson