Gazan with ISIS ties sanctioned by United States

Treasury blacklists three people for working for ISIS, including Palestinian accused of trying to establish a foothold for ISIS in Gaza.

Ben Ariel ,

ISIS flag
ISIS flag

The United States Treasury on Thursday blacklisted three people for working for the Islamic State (ISIS) jihadist group, including a Palestinian Arab accused of trying to establish a foothold for ISIS in Gaza, Reuters reported.

The Palestinian Arab in question is Husayn Juaythini, born in a refugee camp in Gaza, the Treasury said.

Another of those sanctioned is Faysal Ahmad Ali al-Zahrani, a Saudi citizen who the Treasury said is responsible for Islamic State's oil and gas activities in areas of northeastern Syria, according to Reuters.

The third man, Bahraini citizen Turki al-Binali, helps ISIS recruit foreign fighters, and as of March 2014, led a support network that recruited Gulf nationals to join Islamic State in Syria, the department said.

The sanctions freeze any property or interest in property the three have within U.S. jurisdiction and bans Americans from doing transactions with them.

The move came ahead of a meeting Sunday in Paris of officials from around the world who are working to stem the flow of money to ISIS, reported AP.

The Treasury often adopts similar measures against individuals and companies which assist Hezbollah.

The sanctions against the Gazan man are particularly noteworthy, as recent reports indicated that the Hamas terrorist organization which rules Gaza and ISIS have intensified their mutual cooperation.

Back in July Israel announced it had information that Hamas had supplied ISIS with the weapons it used in a particularly brutal attack on Egyptian soldiers that left over 70 dead. Likewise, Hamas commanders were revealed as having supplied organizational support in the attack.

Hamas, for its part, repeatedly rejected announcements by Israel that it is aiding ISIS, which is also gaining a foothold in Gaza itself through local Salafist groups voicing support for ISIS. Those groups are in conflict with Hamas, but are also not official branches of ISIS like Sinai Province is.