Israel, India to sign major arms deal

The $3 billion dollar deal would make Israel one of the Indian army's three largest weapons suppliers.

Nitsan Keidar ,

PMs Netanyahu and Modi
PMs Netanyahu and Modi

A $3 billion weapons deal set to be signed next month between Israel and India would make the Jewish state one of the three largest arms suppliers to the Indian military. 

India intends to buy 164 laser systems for its air force as well as 250 precision guided bunker-busting bombs, according to a Times of India report on Tuesday. 

In addition, negotiations have begun on the purchase of 321 Spike anti-tank systems and 8,356 missiles.

"There have already been more than 20 meetings between the sides following disagreements in the price," said an official from the Indian defense ministry. 

"The agreement will be finalized within the next month," he continued, "and we are attempting to bridge the gaps between the two sides."

Since coming to power in 2014, Indian Prime Minister Navendra Modi has been a leading force in boosting India's diplomatic relations with the Jewish state. 

Security cooperation between the two countries has greatly increased, with India even turning to Israel for help on building a security fence - similar to one Israel erected on its border with Egypt. 

During a visit to Jerusalem last month, India's foreign minister said the country intended to further strengthen its ties with Israel, stressing the relationship is of "utmost importance to the Indian people."