What's faster than Ronaldo: Israeli internet?

Watch: Global soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo shares his Hebrew skills (sort of) in new commercial for Israeli internet provider HOT.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


International soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo features in a new commercial for Israeli internet provider HOT - triggering a predictable social media back-and-forth.

The commercial - which also features three characters from the Israeli TV series "We're on the Map" - shows a group of Israeli footballers (sporting Ronaldo-ish hairdos) wondering who the newest foreign addition to their team is, only to find out that it's none other than Ronaldo himself.

When Ronaldo proudly posted the amusing clip on his Facebook page it quickly drew the usual slew of anti-Israel posts lamenting yet another endorsement of the State of Israel from an international celebrity, in spite of the best efforts of anti-Israel campaigners to promote a boycott of the Jewish state.

But the post generated far more positive reactions, with thousands of likes and positive comments from Israelis and non-Israelis alike.

Some fans were particularly delighted with Ronaldo's Hebrew - one word of it to be precise: "neshama", a slang word that's hard to translate, but roughly the equivalent of "darling."