Sanders and Trump win in New Hampshire

CNN projecting that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have won the New Hampshire primaries.

Ben Ariel , | updated: 4:33 AM

New Hampshire polling station
New Hampshire polling station

CNN is projecting that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump won Tuesday’s New Hampshire primaries for the Democrats and the Republicans, respectively.

The projection is in line with the polls that were conducted in recent days ahead of the vote.

The network has also projected that Ohio Governor John Kasich has finished second in behind winner Trump.

An initial tally shortly after polls closed at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time showed that Sanders won 57% of the votes among Democrats, with Hillary Clinton winning 41%.

On the Republican side, Trump was leading the way with 34%, followed by Kasich with 16% and Jeb Bush with 12%.

They were followed by Ted Cruz with 11%, Marco Rubio with 10%, Chris Christie with 8%, Carly Fiorina with 4%, and Ben Carson with 2%.

As the polls closed, Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook called on supporters to ignore the defeat, not sweat Nevada and South Carolina too much, and look to March, according to CNN.

“The nomination will very likely be won in March, not February, and we believe that Hillary Clinton is well positioned to build a strong -- potentially insurmountable -- delegate lead next month,” Mook said in a memo quoted by the news network.

“For Hillary Clinton and her campaign, the March states represent an opportunity to build a coalition of support that’s as diverse as the Democratic Party itself,” Mook wrote. "Hispanics and African Americans play a critical role in who we are as a party and who we are as a nation. Many of the most delegate-rich states also have some of the largest minority and urban populations -- states like Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Illinois and Florida."

Meanwhile, the network reported, Cruz is laser-focused on bringing Rubio down, citing conversations with three top Cruz advisers.

“If Rubio doesn’t close the deal, it will be the first time in 20 years that the establishment doesn’t win in New Hampshire,” one adviser told CNN. “Rubio hasn’t ever taken a hit besides Christie for two minutes, and see how he fell. Wow.”