Terror victim Dafna Meir's moving letter

Natan Meir posts list of self-improvement tips his late wife Dafna wrote to herself and 'carried with her always.'

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דפנה מאיר הי"ד
דפנה מאיר הי"ד
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A week and a half after Dafna Meir was murdered at the door of her home in Otniel, her husband discovered a moving note she wrote and kept with her for self-improvement. 

"These are not my hours, but I couldn't sleep," Natan wrote on Facebook, attaching a copy of the note. "I'm touched with great respect and longing for what Dafna left behind, and found this note in her bag. A page of self-improvement she carried with her always."

On the note, Meir wrote a list of ways to deal with difficult situations, such as writing down emotions before bursting into anger.

Meir asserts that it is better to leave an argument and be alone with yourself, saying, "I apologize. I'm sorry. I will take your words to heart. Do not try to defend in the middle of the situation, be quiet, don't apologize in the middle of the situation, don't justify myself."

She also stressed the need to project confidence instead of helplessness, and to understand the differences between the liminal and the here and now. 

Meir writes of interactions with others, "to smile! ask how they are! Be polite and assertive at the same time. Don't let the situation manage me. I am the manager."

She adds that in the middle of an interaction with another person that is going to a bad place, it is better to stop in the middle, request the other party to take a break and then begin again when both sides are calmer.

Meir is survived by her husband, Natan, and their six children.