Cruz: I'll rip up Iran deal on day one

Sen. Ted Cruz says as president, he would 'tear to shreds this catastrophic Iranian nuclear deal,' re-impose and strengthen Iran sanctions.

Gil Ronen ,

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz

Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz repeated Sunday that as president, "on the first day of office," he intends to "tear to shreds this catastrophic Iranian nuclear deal."

Speaking to Americans for Peace Prosperity and Security in South Carolina, Cruz noted that under the deal, Iran gets advance notice before inspections.

"Now, let's just take that component," he said. "Remember early on the Obama Administration said 'anytime, anywhere inspections.' Then it became 'well, we'll give you a couple of weeks' advance notice.' Now, imagine if the state of South Carolina passed a law: before law enforcement could execute a search warrant, they must notify a drug dealer 14 days in advance…"

The audience erupted in laughter.

"The only way to deal with Iran is from strength," Cruz stressed. "Weakness and appeasement doesn't work. That has been the Obama foreign policy. What that means is number one, we need to re-impose sanctions. Number two, we strengthen them."

Cruz said that he has filed legislation laying out exactly how to do this. Sanctions are to become "even more crippling," he explained, and Iran needs to be told that if it seeks to end the sanctions, "it must shut down all 19,000 centrifuges, it must hand over all of its enriched uranium, it must shut down its ICBM program."

The ICBM program exists solely for the purpose of delivering a nuclear payload to the US, Cruz added.

The US needs a commander in chief who calls radical Islamic terrorism by its name, he said, and makes clear that the US will "hunt them down."