NIF uses Rabin murder footage in PR offensive

Far-left org responds viscerally to series of damaging revelations concerning the conduct of activists and NGOs it funds.

Ari Soffer ,

Yitzhak Rabin
Yitzhak Rabin

As far-left NGOs and activist groups come under increasing pressure, after an expose revealed a series of damning revelations about their conduct, a new video published by the New Israel Fund went on the attack - using footage of the Rabin assassination to back its claims over "right-wing incitement."

The shameless use of footage from the 1995 assassination came towards the end of the less than two-minute clip, which bombastically accused the current government of inciting against practically every sector of Israeli society.

"Incitement to violence is their modus operandi, and they know exactly what they are doing. To promote their extreme right-wing ideology, they don’t care if they incite and encourage violence against the rest," the video's narrator says.

"But there is just one thing they didn’t account for: without Arabs, leftists, secular people, mizrahim, Tel Avivians, LGBT, and the poor, there would be no Israel. Israel is us."

The video is likely a response to damaging revelations concerning the involvement of far-left activists and organizations funded by or associated with the New Israel Fund in a number of shocking activities. Most notably, a recent expose revealed how extreme-leftist Ezra Nawi handed over Palestinians to the PA for execution, with the help of an activist from B'Tselem.

Further footage showed how Nawi and other extremists were paid directly to stage provocations and clashes with IDF soldiers, by Breaking the Silence and Rabbis for Human Rights, both NIF-funded NGOs. In at least one case Nawi - who is himself recorded paying Arabs to riots against Israeli forces - is paid in cash by Breaking the Silence activists.

The New Israel Fund video was released on the same day as fresh revelations that Breaking the Silence had discussed plans to have Israel expelled from the UN with a former Israeli diplomat-turned far-left activist.

The various pieces of footage were all taken by undercover activists working for the Ad Kan organization, which successfully infiltrated several far-left NGOs.