Milhem may have had as many as 20 accomplices

Accomplices include those who actively helped the Tel Aviv shooter as well as those who recognized him but did not alert authorities.

Cynthia Blank ,

Police search for Milhem in Arara
Police search for Milhem in Arara
Basel Awidat/Flash90

Israel Police revealed on Sunday that the number of accomplices who helped hide Tel Aviv terrorist Nashat Milhem from security forces could be as high as 20 people. 

According to police assessments, of those who aided Milhem or knew his whereabouts, several were actively helping the terrorist, while others simply recognized him and failed to report him to authorities. 

After a week-long manhunt, Milhem was eliminated in a gun battle with security forces on Friday evening in his hometown of Arara. 

Two days later, police investigators are still trying to determine Milhem's movements within the Wadi Ara town as well as who exactly he was in contact with. 

Police remain puzzled about how Milhem managed to get from Tel Aviv to Arara, though they revealed Sunday morning it had taken him less than two hours after committing the deadly shooting attack at a pub on Dizengoff Street to arrive in his hometown. 

A police official, meanwhile, rejected criticism of the Israel Security Agency and police's handling of intelligence in the case. 

"Intelligence coordinators did a good job here - they were cross-checking the flow of information," he told Walla! News. "There was a group of individuals (who helped). The terrorist's extended family was privy after the attack."

Earlier on Sunday, the Haifa Magistrates Court ordered the restrictive release of Milhem's father and brother; they were arrested last Tuesday on suspicion of aiding him after the attack.